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669 05:219 months ago

I believe his portrait as president of the USA will last forever. And HILLYWOOD WILL SUFFER.

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Doshicage 9 months ago
You guys have been saying that for 2K years.c'mon.
Moogunos 9 months ago
Princess of TCCB :))
Dujind 9 months ago
Don't know about this one.
Zuzuru 8 months ago
Interesting... not surprising. Offer money, people are in.
Maladal 8 months ago
Part Two of The Asshole Tweets:
Akinojas 8 months ago
An aged Hagrid .
Taujas 8 months ago
"Rebellion"? The lefts' attack on our Constitution. "Invasion"?
Arashikasa 8 months ago
By moving to California
Goltisar 7 months ago
What textbook? Name it.
Guzil 7 months ago
Existence itself isn't purpose.
Kajimi 7 months ago
So say the German government.
Netaxe 6 months ago
Very sad to hear, for both.
Kazuru 6 months ago
Hahahaha...unless, of course, they ARE Russians.
Kesar 6 months ago
More power to you.
Banris 6 months ago
So is liver, beef, pork, buffalo or human.
Mokinos 6 months ago
Woodrow Wilson was a progressive.
Tauran 6 months ago
You can't reason with a lunatic.
Yozshugar 5 months ago
Are you finding the game difficult???
Tezahn 5 months ago
She kept her motor clean
Mizshura 5 months ago
Couple of interesting points I got from this piece.
Fausida 5 months ago
- Pushed Dr. Phil
Gronos 5 months ago
Name ten immigrants that made the United States great.
Dinris 5 months ago
"I have no beliefs."
Nebei 4 months ago
Each side accuses the other over similar things.
Barisar 4 months ago
It's sad that you cannot think.

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