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950 28:406 months ago

If I was informed that mine was the only kidney left in the world that would save another's life, I would feel morally obligated to donate it.

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Merisar 5 months ago
I think he thinks they are the same.
Shakaran 5 months ago
Ha! I guess that means you worship Satan.
Kazijind 5 months ago
P1 is self evident to whom?
Goltizuru 5 months ago
I'd rather beat you up Medic!!! lol
Tagore 5 months ago
Not overly fond of the genealogies. A bit.dry.
Vokazahn 4 months ago
Apparently, enough to satisfy the demand.
Togul 4 months ago
Can't upvote that enough.
Kitaur 4 months ago
That's a good one!
Zolojinn 4 months ago
She's having the time of her life
Goltirr 3 months ago
I'm going and I'm not buying into the fear.
Mutaur 3 months ago
It's not an either or situtation... so no.
Daibei 3 months ago
Did my comment go through?
Kilmaran 3 months ago
I did that once.
Banos 3 months ago
Oh, look... Another Science Denier!
Maubei 2 months ago
The Times.Anyone with a brain doesn't care.
Nasar 2 months ago
I bet it is
Tur 2 months ago
Savages killing one another. Self cleaning oven
Feran 2 months ago
And that's how I catch mopes like you moron
Arashakar 2 months ago
No thanks, I've already got one.
Yozshulkis 2 months ago
Murder is when there is the intention to kill.
Nehn 2 months ago
Man I know bro..I?m hungry as F? now ??????
Tojind 2 months ago
Pssst she's only 12
Tygokus 1 month ago
I am not so easily influenced.
Dusar 1 month ago
"It remains unclear what triggered
Shakami 1 month ago
Thank you, I'm sure I will.
Barr 1 month ago
It's the 20 that'll say no.

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