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691 03:3110 months ago

Ridiculous. Take a look at that BLS site long and hard. The numbers didn?t magically change because Trump was elected. His economy looks *exactly* like Obama?s.

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Akinodal 10 months ago
Peace of mind from not having divine retribution.
Gror 10 months ago
LOL! Flaming faggots at that, no?
Shale 10 months ago
I did see that!
Dimuro 10 months ago
Caused by Antifa... not those peace-loving right-wing Neo-Nazis...
Tygosho 9 months ago
In "Bruno" he made fun of homosexuals.
Zulkijin 9 months ago
PMS= Prime Minister Socks.
Fenrilmaran 9 months ago
"What if the numbers are finite but changing?"
Akinotaur 8 months ago
Not what we are discussing.
Daihn 8 months ago
Liberals are violent people.
Mikajin 8 months ago
Thank you very much.
Bralabar 8 months ago
delete | d??let |
Visida 8 months ago
Which part is this?
Tygokinos 7 months ago
All of creation is God's 'kid'.
Mausho 7 months ago
Surf the we web
Maushakar 7 months ago
What's your personal answer to the topic question?
Nebei 7 months ago
Muhammad never existed there Mr. Camel Jockey.

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