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439 10:118 months ago

So, people don?t like hitler and do now mother Teresa isn?t safe? Please. You?re paranoid or trolling or both.

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Dojar 8 months ago
phaser set on stun!
Yozshur 8 months ago
Then you're blind to conservative violence.
Vojin 7 months ago
The Liberals sure love TV announcers for a GG.
Fenrilkis 7 months ago
So you're the one people keep mistaking me for.
Tosar 7 months ago
BREXIT. ....just in time .
Yojas 7 months ago
Should it be renamed fasqus??
Domi 7 months ago
Which is always actually.
Voodoogore 6 months ago
Yes, you are right, he isn't a scientist.
Voodoogor 6 months ago
I repeat the question:

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