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Normally, the Universe doesn't have a purpose, human are those that make it have a purpose.

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Shakajin 6 months ago
Fast times at ridegmont high
Goltiramar 6 months ago
Forgiveness, help for anything that troubles you.
Goltigul 6 months ago
Slexie, I agree !! LOL
Tet 6 months ago
Thank you! You too!
Nimi 6 months ago
Why do you hate LGBT people?
Grorn 6 months ago
Oh, sure things bubs
Zujind 6 months ago
Seems like that?s in your wheelhouse.
Kagajin 5 months ago
Misapplying Latin phrases, how embarrassing.
Tauzahn 5 months ago
We all know it?s Christmas
Zulkim 5 months ago
Right out of his mentor Obama's playbook.
Goltigal 5 months ago
Unblock me from the channel!
Goltitaur 5 months ago
Why would it not be?
Shaktikasa 5 months ago
Is it a MLB team?
Tygojind 4 months ago
are you a trumper now.
Mokinos 4 months ago
It is very telling of him inward.
Nijora 4 months ago
That rule is nonexistent in Christianity.

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