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854 08:3010 months ago

The brewers are saying no to Douggie. That's OK as long as I can buy a Lid at my corner store.

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Mikazilkree 10 months ago
He's a mutt?I knew
Gardasida 10 months ago
Can't read that tripe.
Yozshulrajas 10 months ago
To the Honorable Representative Maxine Waters,
Tozilkree 10 months ago
Not if they self segregate.
Kazikinos 10 months ago
Then you are misguided.
Kigam 10 months ago
It?s the perp that got it.
Gor 10 months ago
I'm glad you admit it.
Mikatilar 10 months ago
You sure sound sweet
Mezishura 9 months ago
Something I heard ON THE ROAD years ago.
Shaktishakar 9 months ago
Welp, racist Trump will always have Yeezy.
Voodoozilkree 9 months ago
Ironic that you mention that particular fallacy:
Gardat 9 months ago
war with Iran is the mother of all wars.?
Yozshulkis 9 months ago
1) Read the article.
Samurn 9 months ago
I like pyschadelics too,.
Dugore 8 months ago
Willow was my favorite of the three
Brataur 8 months ago
I've ate a few beavers in my day Decent.
Samuzilkree 8 months ago
You won't need that for the pool, Molls. :-)
Kishura 8 months ago
Been meaning to watch that Sean Carroll debate .
Voodoozuru 7 months ago
It's ok.. I enjoy talking with you..
Morisar 7 months ago
I was just thinking they look sad.
Tozragore 7 months ago
You're a very SMART man!??
Voll 7 months ago
Hope you don't mind me sharing mate...
Moogugor 7 months ago
Fine. But is it a

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