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485 11:279 months ago

He tries the non-employee angle whenever an article about this is posted. Still doesn't get it.

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Zunos 9 months ago
Why did you post this?
Kagagul 9 months ago
See my reply about philosophy (divine command)
Telabar 9 months ago
whoa, pump the brakes bud, haha
Akisida 9 months ago
Amen and God bless you for that reminder.
Tenris 9 months ago
Jupiter = Zeus; science wins again!
Mazujas 8 months ago
Me too, or ship them back.
Mauk 8 months ago
"John" said that, not Jesus.
Vilabar 8 months ago
Dang, I?ll paint it myself for $200G?????+?
Braran 8 months ago
But which God was called Holy?
Vihn 8 months ago
You failed to answer the question.
Kajigar 7 months ago
Sugar, ah honey honey
Nigore 7 months ago
There is a Quiz for that too coming up.
Vujind 7 months ago
Shariah is God's law. Mock as you want.
Gagal 7 months ago
Pretty sure Dan is talking about biased OP, TFCC.
Mezikazahn 7 months ago
Try saying something sensible that I may agree with.
JoJokus 6 months ago
Yeah... those type of classes are always interesting...
Faejinn 6 months ago
I DON'T believe these things without hard evidence.
Malamuro 6 months ago
Thus keyboards the Bsspreader.
Kisar 6 months ago
No it's ok, Super Hero movies aren't for everyone
Sazshura 6 months ago
Selfpity is a lust, no?
Mikarg 6 months ago
CO2's got what plants crave
Zolorr 5 months ago
I wouldn't say I'm religious u.u
Mabei 5 months ago
Do you know what judgement is?
Malashakar 5 months ago
Being here helps me
Yokree 5 months ago
If they're going to ban kooky conspiracy theory stuff,
Sanris 5 months ago
Your opinion is yours.

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