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809 14:156 months ago

Can we go to NNU and get paid to post? I can get the old dictionary out and make a fortune.

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Julrajas 6 months ago
Whose god is science?
Kazrakree 6 months ago
Or a Larson cartoon heading.
Gujind 6 months ago
If one follows Christ then he is following Christ.
Faukasa 6 months ago
The sheriff is "nearer"
Yobar 5 months ago
Good reason for trying it out first.
Vir 5 months ago
I like that Erisian Amen .
Samura 5 months ago
simple questions like that ruffle their feathers.
Kazrazragore 5 months ago
What do you mean by type of prayer ?
Akinosar 4 months ago
Yessir. :) 30 years older than your nephew.
Shatilar 4 months ago
Ohhhhhhhh ahhhhh babe!! :D:D:D
Kajisar 4 months ago
I agree. Under 18 with PARENT supervision...
Tojamuro 4 months ago
So how long before the deplorables get it?
Brarisar 3 months ago
Do you know who El of Yahweh is?
Duran 3 months ago
Wrong. Your figures are incorrect.
Yonos 3 months ago
yes, you were wrong
Kikora 3 months ago
She needs to be

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