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943 06:0610 months ago

ISIS tends to claim the things in which they have some involvement. Don't forget his Islamic GF, either. Makes the claim more plausible, at the least. I'd like to know why they dismissed the idea so fat, but we weren't told.

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Zolonos 10 months ago
You didn't answer my question.
Fenrilabar 10 months ago
We didn?t go back to England and fix it.
Nijas 9 months ago
So now you believe Chuck Todd?
Fezshura 9 months ago
You can't explain it either. You're not fooling anyone.
Samura 9 months ago
Did he wear a hat that offended her?
Nale 9 months ago
They swore to 400 pages of facts.
Nigar 8 months ago
I know right?? xD
Jushura 8 months ago
By which definition is he first in existence?
Nekora 8 months ago
Have you ever heard of Job?
Fenritaxe 8 months ago
Who said that or anything remotely close?
Dokazahn 8 months ago
Please, stop commenting to me with your nonsense.
Akilkis 8 months ago
Yes! I did it!
Mizahn 8 months ago
Oh, yes, it does.
Tesida 7 months ago
Aw! Yeah, work has been super busy this week...
Shaktishura 7 months ago
Pretty sure Dan is talking about biased OP, TFCC.
Moogukinos 7 months ago
Quick, tackle them before they get away!....
Niramar 7 months ago
What exactly is the crime against humanity he committed?

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