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I've run across people who think I'm nuts about making a bed just so, but I can't help myself.

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Gaktilar 10 months ago
The education in mathematics has two basic goals:
Nikonos 10 months ago
You made a claim. You cannot support said claim.
Guran 10 months ago
I got one for you..
Sajind 9 months ago
the majority of all labeled atheists are evolved theist.
Shaktijar 9 months ago
Sure. No where near constant. But infrequently.
Disar 9 months ago
Exercises in keeping a flexible mind are important.
JoJokasa 9 months ago
Thanks ,but my search ended when I accepted
Fenrikora 9 months ago
Listen to the words of my fellow Native American.
Bajind 9 months ago
You seem upset. I'm sorry. Guess... you choose poorly.
Kek 9 months ago
Is that what you're trying to do?
Malami 8 months ago
No, he is just exposing what MSM is.
Kigall 8 months ago
There is no evidence.
Vishura 8 months ago
knowing God.Good if you know God .thats great.
Tukinos 8 months ago
You and me both bro!
Yobar 8 months ago
Wrong, Keith Ellison is already in congress.
Mikataxe 7 months ago
We are discussing Fagggots here
Kir 7 months ago
Your initial request of me was:
Zolokazahn 7 months ago
So, a doxxing threat? Reported.
Nataxe 7 months ago
I think my point is made.
Gashicage 7 months ago
Ha ha! neither am I :-)
Jugul 7 months ago
No, you didn't, but you said something very close:
Fekinos 7 months ago
I NEVER admitted to lying bobbie.
Mezirisar 6 months ago
Is that combination

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