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457 02:198 months ago

Indeed but you are venturing into deep waters and the local denizens can't swim without their water wings.

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Akinorn 7 months ago
is it okay to try??
Arajas 7 months ago
hmm...makes me believe liberalism is a mental disorder.
Zolorg 7 months ago
When did all that happen in history?
Negar 7 months ago
You defend (and rather gleefully) the
Jum 7 months ago
If that?s their lager, it?s delicious????
Gak 6 months ago
If I make a mistake, I acknowledge it.
Zolora 6 months ago
My skin is crawing,lol!
Daimuro 6 months ago
I'm good. What do you mean by fish
Daihn 6 months ago
He likes to use zzz's...
Vuhn 6 months ago
Maybe you should read some headlines !
Shaktijinn 5 months ago
You really need help?
Faezragore 5 months ago
Look at my answer below you... ??
Malalkis 5 months ago
I don't deny my faith. I am a Christian.
Akigrel 5 months ago
The bible also says that God is spirit.
Akinokus 5 months ago
Yes, Education 'Generally' helps. But not always.
Tuzahn 5 months ago
All mathematical devices are merely descriptive tools, not prescriptive.
Merg 4 months ago
Are you talking about "god" experience or mental illness?
Nizragore 4 months ago
I really like this. ?
Faektilar 4 months ago
Like this one for sure...https://
Tuzragore 4 months ago
You seem to be the expert. You tell me.
Akinotaxe 4 months ago
I think my point is made.
Zulkigal 3 months ago
Correct!!!! I love this movie!!! Lol
Megis 3 months ago
Star Trek Enterprise has to take that prize.
Voodoojin 3 months ago
I mean goodness great balls of fire!
Vumuro 3 months ago
Ingenious, here is one though...
Kazikora 3 months ago
Hardly rained in my hood.
Voodoolkis 2 months ago
In my experience, he's been civil.

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