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567 07:189 months ago

Yes, you could be right. Unfortunately there is a financial interest in both the right and left media to play up the division. Anger creates more eyeballs, getting along not so much.

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Kecage 9 months ago
Voter ID prevents just one form of fraud.
Yozshuran 9 months ago
Why not immigrate LEGALLY ?
Zukus 8 months ago
So Trump doesn't lie Al?
Arajora 8 months ago
Ponies? I prefer stallions.
Taur 8 months ago
Perhaps some in the mid west are wising up??!
JoJokus 8 months ago
Is that the scripture that you're hanging on to?
Digami 8 months ago
nonsense. what is morally good about sacrifice?
Dolmaran 8 months ago
You refer to the national government.
Nezahn 7 months ago
"wrong" is a nebulous concept.
Arashik 7 months ago
Very cute... Too cute. ????
Murn 7 months ago
Change your name to GL redhead for 15 minutes
Nakree 7 months ago
Thanks for the info.
Babei 7 months ago
Using the Bible to tell lies is a sin.
Bajin 7 months ago
Batman is overrated and so is Superman.
Fekazahn 7 months ago
Your next obvious question: what causes LOYALTY?

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