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They are grown but I have up and coming granddaughters 17, 7, 3

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Mejora 6 months ago
Democrats are anti-Christian and pro-Islam.
Mikaran 6 months ago
The Ten Commandments are crude.
Daim 6 months ago
You can't show me how I'm wrong though.
Tojar 6 months ago
You are using what amounts to religious words,
Mezigami 6 months ago
Your assistance is not required.
Aratilar 5 months ago
Slave labor hmmm.. How So?
Jut 5 months ago
As of now only relief is disqus:P
Jurg 5 months ago
Sent them a "thank you" card anyway.
Akisida 5 months ago
Thanks for posting topics and keeping things going here.
Ararg 5 months ago
Sent them a "thank you" card anyway.
Gorisar 5 months ago
On the contrary, I'm ravening over them.
Yolar 5 months ago
Cite the verse that says 'sex slave'
Malagore 4 months ago
Funny how all of the "glitches" only hit conservatives.
Dura 4 months ago
Thanks. I just won $10 on you. LOL.
Fejas 4 months ago
You're putting up strawmen. Not very honest.
Zumi 4 months ago
took minutes to type this out, eh chromosome hoarder?
Moogurg 4 months ago
I have heard all of your apologetics ad nauseam.
Grolkree 4 months ago
What Jesus are you speaking of?Hispanic or Middle Eastern?
Gardasar 4 months ago
Don't make me swat you!
Vokora 4 months ago
I like Kendall Jenner
Mezigul 3 months ago
Interesting. I didn't know that.
Kizshura 3 months ago
Hahahahahs stop laughting, solange ??????
Gall 3 months ago
I am cutting this off at the namecalling.
Voodoot 3 months ago
All written by women.
Dorg 3 months ago
Atheism requires an absence of faith.
Guzuru 3 months ago
Kewl paste, bro. Are we supposed to be impressed?

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