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No, I couldn't tell you of one. But I'm not savvy when it comes to the various religions of the world. I know the eastern types are known for being rather peaceful (Buddhism, Hinduism).

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Gohn 9 months ago
men are born spiritually dead'
Dojinn 9 months ago
In other words you have no reply.
Mall 9 months ago
I asked first, doll.
Fesho 9 months ago
would be old after some time Right???
Nale 8 months ago
At its root, your argument is false.
Vusar 8 months ago
STC. C&C?s Big Bambu 1972
Milkis 8 months ago
My comment included the quote EXACTLY THE SAME INDIVIDUAL
Nalrajas 8 months ago
dammit, that's pure logic. ??
Malalkree 7 months ago
Devotion to concrete can be either religious or a-religious.
Gardazragore 7 months ago
Usually they come with a question mark. No?
Shaktirn 7 months ago
Sometimes rules are bad and following them is immoral.
Yojora 7 months ago
i purchased a membership to vote for him grrr.
Memi 7 months ago
"They were not approved to be there. Period."
Bataxe 6 months ago
I'm sure they appreciate it greatly haha
Majar 6 months ago
Seriously you don't have home owners insurance?
Sajora 6 months ago
That?s nice and nasty Nessa ??????????????????
Tojagis 6 months ago
I think you should ... Its a great idea!
Tekree 6 months ago
It was just a twist of words. XD
Gokazahn 6 months ago
I am being Celestially trained.
Faumi 6 months ago
Proposed militarization of space
Kisho 5 months ago
Is this meant to make sense?
Garisar 5 months ago
You summed up the OP.
Mitilar 5 months ago
In case of Sharia they are the same.
Tygorg 5 months ago
Retired and relatively young
Mautaur 5 months ago
as if he would say workers are getting fcked.
Shaktikinos 5 months ago
Marine Recruiting Office don't hit back
Badal 4 months ago
Bury "progressivism" with him.
Bakasa 4 months ago
have you enjoyed the story of 'Lil Tyke'?
Bagrel 4 months ago
Justine looks like she just pooped her diaper.

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