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Yes, however, the catch is 'marriage which is not natural to our humanistic standards the Church is the one who provided 'sex as being sinful and dirty outside of marriage, I was, at a time, fearful of having a relationship with my fiance, but never had sex with her, to her frustrations so ultimately, she got pregnant from another person the Church is the cause of such frustrations, such guilt when it comes to 'sexual encounters marriage is how the church tends to control one's natural sexual natures and use God to promote their subjugations in humanistic behaviors.

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Brabar 6 months ago
Sounds ominous in a mutaween sort of way.
Mojas 5 months ago
Maybe one quick jerk.
Gazil 5 months ago
beautiful part of face
Brahn 5 months ago
Thats fked heart goes out to you.
Vizuru 5 months ago
You keep telling me about your beliefs, unsolicited.
Nimuro 5 months ago
No you won't. this has been done to death.
Shaktizuru 4 months ago
I'm tired...wait till the morning and I'm there! :D
Sajar 4 months ago
What personal sexual philosophy?
Ninris 4 months ago
do you keep the Sabbath of Jesus Christ
Zulkibei 4 months ago
Are you tossing me a straw man?
Tygogar 4 months ago
I didn't mention Christians.
Tygor 4 months ago
Trump* will bail them out.
Kaganos 3 months ago
And yet it happens.
Talrajas 3 months ago
Gays and blacks - not a good combination.
Meztizragore 3 months ago
Lol happy Friday to you Steve!!
Kazrajinn 3 months ago
Lucifer son of the Morning Star. Deliver me
Dizil 3 months ago
Then you can't claim "alternative" facts.
Megami 2 months ago
All I can say is 'woof'.
Sharn 2 months ago
No, it does not.
Nakazahn 2 months ago
We'll feed you, but first listen to a lecture.
Goshura 2 months ago
Hope so, but I'm dubious.
Arashigul 1 month ago
How many germans were killed?
Kajigul 1 month ago
Is that what you want? OK. You won. Congratulations.
Arashilkis 1 month ago
I want my...I want my...I want my MTV!
Goltitaur 1 month ago
You want more regulations?
Kizuru 1 month ago
Probably Spaghetti. That's what's for dinner tonight...
Juramar 1 month ago
hahahahaahahaha i know :P
Bakree 1 month ago
Just say no to soybeans. #nomanboobs
Zulkijind 3 weeks ago
Thanks...let's see what happens.

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