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941 08:179 months ago

I've done the research and even your own Richard Dawkins has given up the historicity aspect. But, again, I cant cram this knowledge into you. Nor can I make you accept it. You either do or you dont and clearly you dont and I do not care.

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Tehn 9 months ago
HONEEEEEEE.......gonna need a LOT of popcorn this weekend!!!!!!!!
Mijinn 8 months ago
I will have to take your word for that.
Sakree 8 months ago
in defense of those who bully trans people
Daigore 8 months ago
It happens here WAY more often than you think.
Mukree 8 months ago
Perfect response Ron. Best regards.
Ararisar 8 months ago
God has a severe problem with non-existence.
Moogugis 8 months ago
I am sure we will survive without the angst.
Gulabar 7 months ago
I need to not talk to these guys.
Bratilar 7 months ago
I don't ban people for trolling.
Nar 7 months ago
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. :)
Dubar 7 months ago
I didn?t say He did. I said He can.
Doshicage 7 months ago
Hockey helmets to boot!
Muran 6 months ago
I?m special enough to be memorized ????
Kajicage 6 months ago
At least dumb and dumber were entertaining
Zologar 6 months ago
God can, and does, murder.
Maule 6 months ago
they did, they did !!!
Kazralrajas 6 months ago
How far back were you hoping to go?
Tozahn 5 months ago
Oh, here's your trophy.
Akinosho 5 months ago
Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony
Vuran 5 months ago
Jeg kan tale en lille smule pa Dansk.
Moogura 5 months ago
How's the "democracy" going in Kuwait?
Tezahn 4 months ago
What was the science you discerned in that abracadabra?
Mogor 4 months ago
Welcome to the community Miss Smiley, enjoy.
Nijas 4 months ago
Ella mai- boo?d up
Zulujinn 4 months ago
Not where it should.
Tajas 4 months ago
What does that mean?
Shakasar 3 months ago
I guess it beats Bind, Torture, Kill.

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