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34 28:5510 months ago

I never said I couldn't handle it either. It's a topic. We're discussing it. I don't think either of our shorts are in a twist.

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Kagagar 10 months ago
TCCB? (If I don't ask, I won't know).
Samushakar 10 months ago
Let's keep this simple.
Kira 10 months ago
Ask that question to me here.
Tegul 10 months ago
Apparently, enough to satisfy the demand.
Fesho 10 months ago
Imagine that! Another snide comment.
Zurn 9 months ago
Some play for love I play for myself
Arashizuru 9 months ago
He already has dysentery of the mind
Kajitaur 9 months ago
WOW-do YOU ever seem overly delicate.
Zulkihn 9 months ago
It's ok I'm a spic from the sticks ??
Mobei 9 months ago
Do humans have souls?
Zulkree 9 months ago
I'm sure she's heartbroken.
Vudonris 8 months ago
Why not? It's called "payback."
Kagalkree 8 months ago
What history, archaeology, or science supports Christianity?
Felmaran 8 months ago
To try out her uber app. ...d
Shalar 8 months ago
Thank you, now I understand better what you mean.
Shakacage 8 months ago
So you are choosing not to answer my question?
Zujind 7 months ago
Please read my post
Brajind 7 months ago
Wrong. Looking for a marriage partner?
Mikabei 7 months ago
Drink lots of water before bed.
Voodoojinn 7 months ago
Haha that's exciting for you :)
Tesida 7 months ago
Trump supporters need love too
Meztim 6 months ago
Will this world truly end one day???
Zolotaxe 6 months ago
Maybe you could be a little more specific?
Fenrizuru 6 months ago
Back to the Future.
Gajind 6 months ago
Lots of things are very well written.

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