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825 05:5010 months ago

I don't know if we should still trust Jack. Remember, Candace was suspended for exposing Twitter's racist double standard.

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Nikolkis 9 months ago
Where's the evidence to support your position?
Dairisar 9 months ago
I am very good, thank you!
Dukree 9 months ago
Did he defy the instructions of the 911 dispatcher?
Migrel 9 months ago
Cool deal. Most appreciated!!!
Tojahn 9 months ago
Maria, you with someone, babe?
Kigajind 9 months ago
Ooooooh I hate the dmv so bad!!
JoJogis 9 months ago
And that's just the people ...
Gozshura 8 months ago
lol..............what class would that be..............
Moogurg 8 months ago
I learned that true love goes:
Muzahn 8 months ago
Sarcasm bro.. it?s a thing ya know ??????????????????
Goltizshura 8 months ago
funny................... what yu are doing is your suicide.
Vudojas 8 months ago
Used ? Ugh ...
Vudohn 8 months ago
Checking my email now. ??
Dami 8 months ago
Ethereal's comment should be the featured comment
Zolok 7 months ago
I'd love that living upstate.
Muramar 7 months ago
I like this contridiction:
Doull 7 months ago
Rats and roaches they are my housemates
Zulukasa 7 months ago
Yep, they?re called Rino?s/globalists.
Kamuro 6 months ago
Left need illegal votes
Faesho 6 months ago
Yeah, that's why I mentioned it.

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