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Trump has made it blatantly clear he is all about America first ...patriotism

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Zoloran 7 months ago
What, you thought that was Agnew's vocabulary? :-)
Akinor 6 months ago
Then what is it you are advocating for?
Mikagar 6 months ago
Baby got back!!! :)
Felmaran 6 months ago
My upvotes don't survive
Daigrel 6 months ago
The Voters told the Rebulicans No!!
Gogal 6 months ago
And a poor one at that.
Tygokree 6 months ago
I think we had this discussion before.
Milar 5 months ago
Aren't they the same thing?
Toshicage 5 months ago
You're in good hands with Greenie!
Mezigor 5 months ago
I had a one night lay down...not stand
Gardat 5 months ago
it's about time I stole that meme
Kasho 5 months ago
These imaginary and self-serving scenarios are quite sad. Delusional.
Shajind 4 months ago
That's because of government not population rates.
Gozahn 4 months ago
No more Geico insurance
Kazraran 4 months ago
Take care sweetie ..
Nikojind 4 months ago
It's your claim, dude, your job to support it.
Mira 4 months ago
That's your thought. Mine's different.
Kazijar 3 months ago
Original sin is what separated man from God.

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