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The biggest obstacle to any long-term relationship is ego. Learn to control yours. Let people be who they are and not try to change them to suit yourself.

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Bragar 8 months ago
You're more than welcome to use it too!
Akinokazahn 8 months ago
That's their business, not Trump's.
Neramar 8 months ago
But your muscles wont be stiff...
Tokora 7 months ago
Yeah.. what your real age lol
Kagagrel 7 months ago
Why are you so angry?
Gakora 7 months ago
Best talent of them all
Fekus 7 months ago
"Common sense" seems to be fancy talk for "ignorant"
Kazrall 7 months ago
And what is that normal range ?
Shakajinn 7 months ago
Did this question stump everyone?
Grodal 6 months ago
Yes ...but ad you???
Fesar 6 months ago
You know the drill
Malaktilar 6 months ago
It presents half a picture clearly.
Gujas 6 months ago
Why are you acting out like this?
Fauzshura 6 months ago
preeminent where and for whom?
Fetilar 6 months ago
1. Wall paid for by Mexico - NO
Tojaramar 6 months ago
I'm getting my tubes tied.
Danris 5 months ago
Here's a newer link:
Bazil 5 months ago
Intellectual arguments for the existence of god?
Nikinos 5 months ago
read the question again.
Gumi 5 months ago
Your brilliant incisive intellectual detailed response is massively impressive.
Migal 5 months ago
Too bad! ...Deal with it ya cute little hottie!
Tojale 5 months ago
Start with the FBI's own published texts.
Goltigal 4 months ago
Yeah. That's exactly what I argued.
Fenritaxe 4 months ago
So /that child doesn't deserve an ideal family?
Meztir 4 months ago
Yet being the key word.

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