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Well, let's see - which programs are eligible for immigrants? Because food stamps aren't, and haven't ever EVER, been available for immigrants. You have to have been born in this country, and a citizen of this country, to get food stamps. Other short-term benefits are occasionally available, and the screening is pretty intense, you've got to really, REALLY need it because the screening process is so rigorous.

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Samubar 9 months ago
You couldn't even write a decent fairy tale.
Sakree 9 months ago
He is a pain in the ass.
Karamar 9 months ago
My upvotes won?t stick a lot of times.
Kazrahn 9 months ago
Huh? why would anyone think Michael was Jesus?
Zolomi 9 months ago
Nope. Free will is only part of it.
Shakagor 9 months ago
I haven't had that in yearz
Bakus 8 months ago
If thats you..i think its a great idea..
Tojarg 8 months ago
In a picture only disctionary..."Fagggot" and their mugs
Maujar 8 months ago
both needs to have faith in a loving God
Samuzilkree 8 months ago
We would likely follow your lead. We're like that.
Zulukora 8 months ago
more beautiful part of face
Vizil 8 months ago
6 inches is 6 inches, Grimey!
Tygojar 8 months ago
Just someone looking for attention.
Duzshura 7 months ago
Perhaps, you just have crummy taste in women.?????+?
Mim 7 months ago
Not sure that is always an option.
Tekinos 7 months ago
That's known as Circular Reasoning.

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