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735 10:479 months ago

The examples you've given me show a subtle profession of one's beliefs. Not showing anything neither demonstrates nor denies one's beliefs.

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Nijind 9 months ago
I predict the recount will uncover many discrepancies.
Vudojind 8 months ago
Depends on which half of your brain is talking.
Vikree 8 months ago
What is this Original Understanding of which you write?
JoJozragore 8 months ago
Yeah, sure, sure -
Faeshura 8 months ago
This muslim shit would never happen in Mississippi
Zoloran 8 months ago
I don't think you understand what I'm talking about.
Balrajas 7 months ago
not a bad way of putting it.
Muzahn 7 months ago
Show that this change does away with common descent.
Nikozilkree 7 months ago
????????hahaha they are unavoidable ????
Kazisar 7 months ago
The 1st Amendment is not being weaponized by anyone.
Maukasa 7 months ago
You are a congenital fool ??????
Samumuro 6 months ago
Kavanaugh would support him for the office.
Dogal 6 months ago
Did you delete your post? Well, here's the reply:
Akihn 6 months ago
So God's answer is nobody else then?
Zulkilar 6 months ago
The heavens declare the glory of God(Psalm 19:1).
Zulkigor 6 months ago
Sweet Zombie Jesus on a tap-dancing pogo stick!
Gukus 5 months ago
We love Candace Owens
Nezshura 5 months ago
Thank you. I accept your white flag, little buddy.
Zujin 5 months ago
It's ok. I'll find them later ;o)
Kagarg 5 months ago
Agreed. And it works every time.
JoJok 5 months ago
You are clueless and whiny.

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