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It is your claim that they are religious words. Support it.

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Akinora 11 months ago
?????? my man ????????????
Nikojar 11 months ago
God has a very good sense of humor.
Tura 10 months ago
"Freedom of choice" unless it is birth control, RIGHT????
Kajikus 10 months ago
Ah, they must go together. The knowledge of God
Zuluzshura 10 months ago
Durn fiscal responsibility, that's for losers without guns.
Teran 10 months ago
A Democratic candidate in the making.
Dosho 10 months ago
And back to my question about the founders intentions.
Tujora 9 months ago
many but depend on condition.
Shakashicage 9 months ago
Lol.. what you doing
Kekinos 9 months ago
Your comment is off-topic.
Tum 9 months ago
Why would Democrats do that?
Zolozshura 9 months ago
What a concept, huh?
Malalar 8 months ago
This trumpie is mad at the mean lady.
Tojakree 8 months ago
A child's answer. Good luck on your quest
Yoshakar 8 months ago
Welcome back to the community Mrs MITB
Mugor 8 months ago
Gosh, she looks rather
Junris 8 months ago
What's this "free time" you're talking about?
Kagara 7 months ago
Sigh, dude, the WHO data al9nes proves you wrong.
Sasho 7 months ago
Tax cuts are a good thing.
Vomuro 7 months ago
Wow....are you kidding? Did you even read your cite?
Tokasa 7 months ago
I give up! XD
Kigak 7 months ago
Good guess, but different tragic Blanche.
Daitaur 6 months ago
Liberalism is a mental disorder.
JoJojar 6 months ago
Like I said, he was a fantastic writer.
Kazragami 6 months ago
Did you have fun???
Akinokora 6 months ago
Never cared for who we are
Neramar 6 months ago
Good morning James how are you??
Maulkis 6 months ago
Drunk people say stupid things.....not exactly breaking news.

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