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Design is inferred from apparent intentionality to accomplish an understandable objective

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Gujar 8 months ago
My heart goes Mmmmm?
Mogal 8 months ago
Thanks so much Loki!
Najas 7 months ago
seems to be the common denominator at this point.
Gardazilkree 7 months ago
The title of this article says EVERYTHING.....
Shaktitaur 7 months ago
Noted and respected, SQ.
Samurg 7 months ago
Jesus said zero about homosexuality.
Mimuro 6 months ago
What's the count now?
Najar 6 months ago
Provided you are God, of course. :)
Zolozragore 6 months ago
Is English your native language? Are you from Germany?
Faull 6 months ago
Nope, it's a stupid comment.
Nahn 6 months ago
Why must there be something there?
Goltik 5 months ago
Fred. Friday is also Creationism vs Science/Evolution.
Gataxe 5 months ago
The logic is inescapable.
Nizilkree 5 months ago
I meant psychiatry. My bad. :(
Moll 5 months ago
Science has proven otherwise:
Kazrakasa 5 months ago
What an abject p.o.s.
Naran 4 months ago
google him and Tesla!
Zulkikazahn 4 months ago
What -your right hand??
Kaganris 4 months ago
A good Friday meal :)
Tygozuru 4 months ago
You really need help?
Mauzilkree 4 months ago
Awwww, imma save you during my break then lol
Dakasa 4 months ago
Well join the club!
Meztishura 3 months ago
You really have an issue with this, don't you?
Fekora 3 months ago
There is no legislative action described in the article.
Mezimi 3 months ago
This is actually a bit hilarious.
Votaxe 3 months ago
The first male brought beer?
Tekazahn 2 months ago
Sure. Two, red, state sequencing, love.
JoJosida 2 months ago
Move along? If you don't like responding, then don't.
Kazisho 2 months ago
Lol, how many days is that?!
Moogutaur 2 months ago
Maybe I'm pulling something else....

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