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707 07:5310 months ago

"Over half of Alex Jones stuff is hyperbolic BS entertainment. And he's said so (at least in court)."

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Voodooll 10 months ago
Epic fail. Try again.
Grolrajas 10 months ago
because we weren't just giving them the stuff.
Akinorn 10 months ago
But this assumes we know what right is.
Jutaxe 9 months ago
Refresh and you will see
Fauzahn 9 months ago
Never happened, never confirmed.
Kakus 9 months ago
we'd all appreciate that!
Meztigami 9 months ago
yes to all three
Gubar 9 months ago
Thus devil invented sex
Voodoosida 8 months ago
I thought it was his own children
Maumi 8 months ago
Is this your "personal" god?
Gardakus 8 months ago
Consider a more flexible religion.
Maukinos 8 months ago
And? Why not tell me what you really mean?
Mazushicage 8 months ago
Let's see that paper.
Dokinos 7 months ago
Bach to square one. :)
Kigal 7 months ago
A mentally fragile woman who was sexually abused
Dojin 7 months ago
Nah... that?s just sex ??????
Tegul 7 months ago
I respect that position much more than atheism.
Fenrikora 7 months ago
Yes. But religious beliefs were never at issue here.
Mijinn 6 months ago
The 3rd eyeball on my forehead.
Shakagor 6 months ago
No. I just want to see other's reactions.
Fenrill 6 months ago
You mean Democrats antagonizing individualists? Nope.
Fegul 6 months ago
Children matter more than guns
Yozil 6 months ago
Please see my reply to Jorn.
Fenrijin 6 months ago
Devil literally means "Slanderer".
Turan 6 months ago
Oh Brother Where Art Thou
Meztigul 5 months ago
have fun storming the castle
Muramar 5 months ago
He is trying to disqualify people seeking legal immigration.
Mukasa 5 months ago
And yet surrogacy doesn't harm anyone. Nobody is harmed.

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