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347 10:1810 months ago

China, not Russia, the news people have to learn a new word. 20 YEARS spy with her.? Man you all have to give-in sooner or later, Trump wasn't president all those years, LOL russiaaaaa russiaaa ,

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Kagal 10 months ago
Nice. Have you heard any of their new stuff?
Naktilar 10 months ago
They have been an embarrassment for years now
Shashakar 9 months ago
What!? so still baseless got it.
Kekree 9 months ago
And character matters a lot too!
Mezishicage 9 months ago
Debra did define agnosticism in her OP.
Nebar 9 months ago
I agree that is getting to my point.
Yozshugami 8 months ago
You ARE, aren't you?
Shakree 8 months ago
Yes, I have. But only by accident.
Moogulkree 8 months ago
you get the idea ;)
Kigrel 8 months ago
Drink lots of water before bed.
Garn 8 months ago
Bill contributes a lot to the channel.
Akik 8 months ago
Dems destroy whatever they touch
Mushakar 7 months ago
So which are u?
Yozshura 7 months ago
I prefer option number 2
Fele 7 months ago
Mod comment: Those are the rules.
Jushicage 7 months ago
Added to which it doesn't wash dishes very well!
Grozil 7 months ago
Well who doesn' dreamy
Grolrajas 6 months ago
Were there not saints?
Tebei 6 months ago
Free time for you to stir trouble trouble ??
JoJokinos 6 months ago
Who cares who commissioned it? Steels credibility remains.

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