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The flood could or couldn?t be allegorical. I have heard scientific theories both ways. However, they are theories limited to our natural world and our understanding of it. Whether or not the flood actually happened with literal or allegorical translation doesn?t matter though. The flood in the Bible is meant to tell a moral story, as I?ve said; the Bible is a spiritual book, not your science textbook.

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Tohn 11 months ago
Can't think of a movie! :( XD
Bajin 10 months ago
That's Lucy Pinder, she's a babe.
Salabar 10 months ago
And how do you know that?
Votaur 10 months ago
I do ask serious questions.
Gucage 10 months ago
Ok. And does that personifies a Mother perhaps?
Mazucage 10 months ago
It?s getting hot in here.
Nalkis 10 months ago
Doesnt this prove conspiracy or at least intent?

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