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What?s the difference between Jews salvation by deeds and Christianity by faith?

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Yomuro 10 months ago
Something tells me she'd have declined.
Dulkree 10 months ago
The left touts lies as facts.
Totaur 10 months ago
LMAO! Me too! His wife would sure be surprised!
Turisar 10 months ago
Why would a god want anything from lesser beings?
Shazuru 9 months ago
Are you being serious? It is all fiction
Nikogul 9 months ago
Oh no. We know we limp.
Donris 9 months ago
Are you an engineer? You have that mindset.
Gobei 9 months ago
Christ was a title.Jesus was the name.
Mooguktilar 8 months ago
So how did they address that?
Zolojinn 8 months ago
Hey M&M how are you
Gardazuru 8 months ago
According to the definitions I provided.
Mazusho 8 months ago
i see no proof in your claim.
Aranris 8 months ago
What does Mickeys dog have to do with anything?
Kigasho 8 months ago
Yep... to the top of the internet.
JoJolmaran 7 months ago
One of Al Sharpton's acolytes?
Shakanris 7 months ago
Let's hear one that shows evolution isn't real.
Samuramar 7 months ago
Lol! Did anyone notice the downfal besides youl? :-)))
Dakasa 7 months ago
One where the Constitution isn't taught in schools.
Gardazragore 7 months ago
Ha! Unfortunately those he killed didn't, did they?
Nilkree 6 months ago
Abortion is often an invasive procedure.
Faugar 6 months ago
Why do you think Hod csntvregrow a limb?
Vudoll 6 months ago
Yup...probably easier for you.
Tokinos 6 months ago
Prove that your own orientation is not innate.
Kikus 6 months ago
Being a slave to any ideology isn?t helpful.
Mauran 6 months ago
Look at this idiot taking selfie.
Akirisar 5 months ago
That'll be a Tenner.
Tojale 5 months ago
Stay on topic and be relevant.
Mezidal 5 months ago
Nearly half of Republicans actually are against the constitution.
Vomuro 5 months ago
Perhaps only if they are both lesbians.

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