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916 09:306 months ago

"You appear to be referring to the Separation of Church and State, although your statement fails to make that clear."

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Zololar 5 months ago
What if you deduct the outgoings?
Maulmaran 5 months ago
Please reread more carefully the Bible!
Faulmaran 5 months ago
There is no way to reliably test supernatural claims.
Vishakar 5 months ago
Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony
Aratilar 5 months ago
Is that really your ex?!
Gozahn 5 months ago
Winter Soldier and Doctor strange too
Visida 5 months ago
A fan of the Flash, that's a good show
Mekora 4 months ago
Quoting Turd the First.
Nibei 4 months ago
We all know you drink toilet water.
Mazugis 4 months ago
He loves the taste
Mejas 4 months ago
They know it as well.
Akinozshura 3 months ago
Except when religious people exercise their faith.
Ganos 3 months ago
Sorry, you need to express yourself more clearly.
Tygozuru 3 months ago
The logic is inescapable.
Neran 3 months ago
I'm not discussing Trump's morals. I'm discussing his actions.
Tutilar 3 months ago
...attaching my nose clip...
Gardalabar 2 months ago
I liked the Spider Man films.
Kemuro 2 months ago
Oops, meant for a different OP.
Samull 2 months ago
I'll give you that one! :)

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