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Dogmatically repeating your faith views that you are matter and nothing else this way just shows you to be an irrational idoelogue. Matter is an inference, and must be an inference from SOMETHING. Hence, that something is not matter. When presented with the logic contradictions in your faith view, you have done what dogmatics generally do -- change the subject, then throw insults.

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Dular 10 months ago
I dunno, but it's fun!
Mizragore 9 months ago
RIP Swayze. He was a great actor.
Sam 9 months ago
Found thia 'the way it was....
Daikree 9 months ago
*facepalm* Have you actually read the story through?
Vile 9 months ago
Do you always leap before you look?
Kazrazshura 9 months ago
Whats next? Queer beer?
Kagajar 9 months ago
Doubt only puts you at a 50.
Jujinn 9 months ago
As I pointed out it was about assumptions.
Faugal 8 months ago
cucumber or ginger jello?
Kiramar 8 months ago worries:) I understood what you ment!
Maukree 8 months ago
Dead ringer for my last serious relationship.
Moogugar 8 months ago
The assumption you are making is wrong.
Dukasa 7 months ago
Dashing ?????? I?m done .
Vuzil 7 months ago
It may be stupid for simple people.??
Viktilar 7 months ago
A fan favorite! "I gots to know."
Naramar 7 months ago
Not familiar with the Entitlement Clause, huh?
Yoktilar 7 months ago
Jesus death brought us salvation.
Akinonos 6 months ago
That was the point

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