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517 07:589 months ago

Except they won't. They don't want to talk about how the California environmentalists refuse to allow tree thinning and prescribed burns...creating this dangerous mess.

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Araramar 9 months ago
Lmfao Rory, Damn Funny...??????????
Fegul 8 months ago
Make sure you shake his left hand.??
Takora 8 months ago
And what does that mean?
Shanos 8 months ago
Well that i can agree with.
Zolojind 8 months ago
Girl you kill me ??
Fejar 8 months ago
The answer to your question: No.
Bale 7 months ago
Gimme a bear hug!
Kajim 7 months ago
This author is so full of sh*t!
Moogukasa 7 months ago
I just meant out of the two of
Shaktimuro 7 months ago
Again with your hate.
Sahn 6 months ago
"believing in higher power is a natural desire"
Mezira 6 months ago
That's not the part I was referencing.
Nikokasa 6 months ago
Oooh nice pic, Angel!
JoJozuru 6 months ago
Kek 5 months ago
Is that intended as satire?
Tule 5 months ago
Fair enough. Can I use EQ, though?
Dagis 5 months ago
OK, then do your on stUdy.
Tami 5 months ago
If you are interested.
Mazukinos 5 months ago
Cite the specific passage please on microbes.
Faesida 4 months ago
Oh you changed it... LOLOL!!!
Vosar 4 months ago
Shouldn't you have predicted this?
Nikozragore 4 months ago
No problem. Sorry bout that. :)
Sam 4 months ago
So, tom, do you believe in God or not?

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