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Thats why i dont do counter jobs xD too much interaction. Busy evening ahead or are you gonna chill?

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Fenrijind 8 months ago
You are so fit man
Zulkiramar 8 months ago
Experiential truth is entangled in mortal timelessness
Dairr 7 months ago
After complete my studies ...
Juzuru 7 months ago
Probably the one with Johnny Depp.
Aragor 7 months ago
Why is everyone not talking about bacon?
Basar 7 months ago
it's so irritating disease ........Right???
Metaxe 7 months ago
I get that a lot.
Tacage 6 months ago
No. He follows an Eastern religion. Not Christian.
Mikami 6 months ago
Wow, you must be really good
Moogunos 6 months ago
that makes no sense
Zulkit 6 months ago
I get results just fine.
Tozragore 6 months ago
You do wonderful threads Rita, I appreciate your work.
Nikozuru 6 months ago
Nope, the topic hardly seems interesting.
Duzilkree 6 months ago
It's fun to dress up.
Arakora 6 months ago
Just curious brave man ever serve you country. ????????????
Shahn 5 months ago
You are obviously not from Alabama.
Vuzragore 5 months ago
Yes, Pennsylvania. Never said otherwise.
Duzil 5 months ago
You and your wit, lady, crack me up. ??
Faektilar 5 months ago
Then Jesus didn't die for our sins.
Dolar 5 months ago
Social-ist media...coming for YOU next!
Dougrel 4 months ago
Yes it is when it involves a belief system
Zurr 4 months ago
With their extra sharp cleats I hope!
Arajar 4 months ago
Is that the rebuttal?
Grozuru 4 months ago
It's the bloody Scotsmen I tell you.....
Kigul 4 months ago
That has seven letters.
Nataur 4 months ago
I don't know - my sinister and evil eyes???
Donos 3 months ago
Possibly, but it makes little difference.

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