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You clearly hate transgender people. You can't even dredge up the common human decency to respect their preferred names and pronouns. It's just basic grammar.

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Kajilrajas 10 months ago
Us? Is there more than one of you?
Najin 10 months ago
Heck,they scream of it!
Akinolrajas 9 months ago
Yes, the Nephilim/Annunaki/Reptoids did it. Christ, that's silly.
JoJosar 9 months ago
Well obviously you can assist there.
Dailar 9 months ago
You are part of it.
Voll 9 months ago
Its on netflix huh? U like it?
Malalar 8 months ago
I think they are wrong.
Tern 8 months ago
Trump sure showed them who's boss! lol
Taugrel 8 months ago
There just jerks all the way around.
Bram 8 months ago
Hahaha even Lincoln bankrupted the nation.
Meztisar 8 months ago
You don't know 'cause you're playing catch up :)
Sataur 8 months ago
If God existed Trump would not be ...
Akinokree 8 months ago
Yet, no one has proven your god.
Tall 8 months ago
Where's that spam e-mail I'm expecting?
Vugor 7 months ago
Is it you Raymundo? I thought it was Fun?
Tazragore 7 months ago
I like that idea
Arashitaxe 7 months ago
Man that's rough. Insulation good?
Mikall 7 months ago
How is it less of a problem?
JoJobei 7 months ago
This is absolutely wrong.
Shaktijora 7 months ago
Awwww...I couldn't sit for days. lol
Voodoolabar 7 months ago
Comedy in church is not right at
Voodoojas 6 months ago
Did it feel spiritual or just touristy?

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