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855 32:258 months ago

If it's irrelevant, it's only because your comment was irrelevant. Read the article, then come back.

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Viran 8 months ago
LOL! A rematch! LOL!
Vorg 7 months ago
You didn't answer. Support how?
Mokazahn 7 months ago
Don?t poke the bear! Lol
Dugar 7 months ago
Debbie Does Dallas? Oops...wrong kind of action!!!!
Bazuru 7 months ago
Is that what they're calling "it" these days? Bananas?
Dagore 7 months ago
He committed suicide a couple of years ago.
Moogulkree 7 months ago
Enjoy your 3 day ban. Comment Deleted.
Gujar 7 months ago
Do they really teach that? Evidence?
Feramar 7 months ago
Thank you non vampire lord jesus
Vudoll 7 months ago
If you say so booboo. ??
Akinoshura 6 months ago
Rational, understanding, not misogynistic.
Arashijind 6 months ago
Maybe ask your imam?
Kagakora 6 months ago
"We come in peace."
Zulujas 6 months ago
Really!! but couldn't they be arrested for that?
Yozshule 6 months ago
Typo. Try to work it out.
Jujar 6 months ago
That?s where we disagree.
Duzragore 5 months ago
Hahah yes I know you are!!
Malagor 5 months ago
Each of those statements is directly addressing her statements.
Doutaur 5 months ago
Gud sucks as a teacher. everyone is so confused.
Bralabar 4 months ago
I'm sorry if I did, can you forgive me?

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