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731 06:0910 months ago

You hit it on the nail! Hell I can't even get food stamps and my working dollars pay for that shit. #helptheUSborntaxpayers1st no aid for immigrants.

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Jusar 10 months ago
Now you're making me have to think!
Mazule 10 months ago
First Republican Admin I lived under was Reagan.
Faukree 9 months ago
Intersex = man/woman parts, two genders! Bam mic drop!
Kigajas 9 months ago
But aren't you a toad?
Tet 9 months ago
Not much of a discussion forum then.
Brataxe 9 months ago
Couple of interesting points I got from this piece.
Bralabar 9 months ago
The Dr Evil version was better.
Zulugami 8 months ago
I'm turning in early.
Faekinos 8 months ago
Nope. Link the post.
Murg 8 months ago
That's good lol :p
Kebar 8 months ago
I don't have one. Try again.
Tugar 7 months ago
Sounds like you've never met a right-wing atheist.
Vuzil 7 months ago
I have blocked MAGA boy anyhow.
Bajora 7 months ago
Why would we think this is a true story?
Zolokinos 7 months ago
I get results just fine.
Zolotaur 7 months ago
That's grand coming from trump cultist
Nikokinos 7 months ago
I am addicted to Hockey.

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