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164 08:008 months ago

RA1 The link takes me to a yahoo site that insists that I must accept its cookies and sign onto something called ?Oath to view the UK news article that you wish me to read.

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Tautilar 8 months ago
Nice visual too lol
Samudal 8 months ago
A short and simple answer: it is not.
Dubar 7 months ago
1. How is THAT biblical?
Yozshull 7 months ago
Whose morals? The RCC's?
Arabei 7 months ago
And, what exactly, and I suppose to remember?
Moogukree 7 months ago
The fire-horse is back.
Bagar 7 months ago
Then how do they have sex ??
Zulugami 7 months ago
You've acted like a jerk throughout this thread.
Dijas 6 months ago
What am I upset about?
Dar 6 months ago
Would you actually argue that it isn't?
Akijinn 6 months ago
Just saying whats in the book.
Shaktigore 6 months ago
No evidence of that.
Tojacage 6 months ago
LOL. I'm a Baptist.
Zuluzahn 5 months ago
You?re always sad like me
Tabar 5 months ago
we humans are not always reasonable :)
Molabar 5 months ago
You are the moocher/ bitcher.
Bacage 5 months ago
I have BA in chemistry (and an MD).
Vorg 4 months ago
Thank you for understanding.
Arajinn 4 months ago
What premise is that exactly?
Meztirg 4 months ago
Sharp as a bowling ball
Brashicage 4 months ago
Unless they are the wrong religion.
Meztirg 4 months ago
What are you talking about man?
Shasar 4 months ago
Sorry wrong person and you are quite welcome.
Mirg 4 months ago
Reality teaches it can be great outside marriage too
Tohn 3 months ago
You just heard it somewhere.
Voodoozuru 3 months ago
OK, he's "100 percent responsible". Now what?
Turisar 3 months ago
Lol! That the trouble dance!????

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