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You are denying the Germans of that time wre Christian?

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Megul 10 months ago
not would be no good at all
Zoloshicage 10 months ago
Does it have yellow polka dots?
Mazugul 10 months ago
Oh. Kind of like all people.
Durr 10 months ago
Ally of Hitler...first Ally, actually.
Arashijar 10 months ago
PC is a figment of right wing imagination.
Zulkidal 9 months ago
That seems more spin than anything
Dizragore 9 months ago
Ahhhh chux,we luvya greeny.??????
Malajin 9 months ago
Stick with me kid. I?ll edumacate ya!
Grozilkree 9 months ago
hard to get the truth out of performers.
Gardakree 9 months ago
Jews pray toward the Temple, not away from it.
Tukasa 9 months ago
Or what created the god that created this universe.
Akinoramar 8 months ago
I'm very sorry to hear that
Doukora 8 months ago
Oooooohhhh nasty girl ??????
Zuluran 8 months ago
I am older and wiser than you, ignorant rightie.
Fauzshura 8 months ago
You see that venture bros?
Junos 8 months ago
So this god is without a wife?
Fegis 7 months ago
They'll get theirs just like Saddam did.
Brajora 7 months ago
Alyssa Milano is an airhead libidiot.
Mautilar 7 months ago
Do you even know what thread you are reading?

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