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Morning all...............back to work after a long weekend, I feel like Homer looks...................

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Shadal 8 months ago
and there are no white nationalists in California right?
Kazram 8 months ago
Now I got hungry!!!! and hey Tim! :D
Grolkree 8 months ago
It is dishonest? How so?
Nitaur 7 months ago
Then you haven't read far enough.
Akinozilkree 7 months ago
I hope your lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
Gojind 7 months ago
I'm sorry, but that isn't evidence.
Tygokree 7 months ago
Hey man.whats utka all about? Just curious.
Dular 7 months ago
What if the man is his woman? ??????
Kajisho 6 months ago
Is that so bad?
Yozshurg 6 months ago
I expect you get grumpy with Odin too.
Bramuro 6 months ago
Your soul doesn?t die.
Mam 6 months ago
Fine.they still have the character in their book.
Teshakar 6 months ago
I don't have to know you.
Yolkree 6 months ago
That's what Hitler said
Arataur 5 months ago
You: Animals are not sentient creatures.
Arashilmaran 5 months ago
Hmmmm, maybe or Joe Arpaio?
Tygohn 5 months ago
Since when does lack of belief constitute a philosophy?
Murg 5 months ago
I just had to share this....

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