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770 07:206 months ago

I know all too well that is a woman's prerogative, good for you!!

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Vojinn 6 months ago
The Creator could be any number of things.
Nagami 6 months ago
I like that.....Fringe
Mosida 6 months ago
I have seen a few do that though ;)
Kajikree 6 months ago
Uh ohh I sowwy
Shale 6 months ago
I agree it?s more political than racial
Goltishicage 5 months ago
Get lost, troll bot.
Meztimi 5 months ago
Mrs. GL still has her account!
Nigami 5 months ago
SIL was the Provincial coordinator here in NS.
Kazizshura 5 months ago
Impeach? Trump would still be president morons
Gardahn 5 months ago
We're done here; you've done enough harm to yourself.
Zolobei 5 months ago
The whims of Cthulu?
Mojinn 5 months ago
Lol, no thanks.crazy guy.
Meramar 4 months ago
I didn't think you'd answer.
Telar 4 months ago
You're cute - can I keep you ?
Najin 4 months ago
That's what gets me is that humidity
Kazrazil 4 months ago
His job is James Bond. Yours isn't.
Nikolkree 4 months ago
Who told you that Allah is make believe?
Kazrak 4 months ago
Dream on ain't shit.........!!
Akijar 3 months ago
Tired but good ......finally free
JoJonris 3 months ago
Sessions is part of the problem. He's a vagina.
Shakajinn 3 months ago
I would restrict that to Trump's evangelicals.Or most televangelists.
Zulkitaxe 3 months ago
A guy sold me a house with the address:
Mucage 3 months ago
I thought it was a pantsuit...
Tejin 3 months ago
we ran out of bacon at the cafeteria
Gazilkree 2 months ago
Well it wasn't my finger...
Brall 2 months ago
Sure. Follow the link previously shared here:
Akinorr 2 months ago
Don't most major candidates get that?
Daitaur 2 months ago
It could very well be a state thing
Dagis 2 months ago
Leo seems to lose me right after confident lol
Doran 1 month ago
Virgin birth is a lie.

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