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Again you have not listed a standard of what a good christian is so maybe merely going to church is enough?

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Mazugrel 9 months ago
oh really LOl I got you????
Malagal 9 months ago
Comment disappeared, but a little addition I just
Taugrel 9 months ago
Ya beat me to it.
Mazura 8 months ago
Hinduism is a false faith.
Kigall 8 months ago
Glad you didn't cause scandal haha
Vugrel 8 months ago
Sorry about that. I won't do it again.
Zulkik 8 months ago
what does Waters/Antifa have to do with global warming?
Goltigul 8 months ago
You will have to ask him.
Vuzahn 7 months ago
U said it better than I could!
Mazshura 7 months ago
We will agree to disagree on Genesis. It makes
Kagashakar 7 months ago
You're just parroting others. . . .
Vizuru 7 months ago
So end gun control then, it isn?t working.
Mibar 7 months ago
LOL, lol.SMH Get real. You didn't pose any arguments.
Vilkree 6 months ago
Well said, Bogdan Sunder.
Magar 6 months ago
No, you didn't quite get my point. God
Shakajora 6 months ago
It has everything to do with Trump
Aragor 6 months ago
One suspect is now in custody.
Nilabar 6 months ago
Did he not die?
Tokinos 5 months ago
Incorrect. It was 12, not 2.
Dalar 5 months ago
And fully allowed and protected under the First Amendment.

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