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Scientology takes cash through auditing. Other sects through collecting from the poor. All religions are about money and power. None of their voodoo applications stand a scientific test.

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Tygodal 8 months ago
Nice. A pagan too. Birds of a feather...
Dilabar 8 months ago
Seems like you are making my point.
Nirn 7 months ago
His brain is underdeveloped.
Mulabar 7 months ago
Unblock me from the channel!
Malashicage 7 months ago
His sincerity is suspect, imo.
Shakajinn 7 months ago
No the other asshole
Guzragore 7 months ago
They are only paying him $25,000 for attorneys fees???
Zuluzilkree 6 months ago
Try not to get hit? Lol
Zulkiramar 6 months ago
More deplorable bullshit. You must be so proud.
Grozil 6 months ago
Haha ....OoooK. I think I got that.??
Tegore 6 months ago
socialism will drag them down too!!!
Moogura 6 months ago
try it on on popcorn too
Groran 6 months ago
The fluidity is innate for those that are fluid.
Mazuru 5 months ago
Winning the race to bankruptcy.
Tojakinos 5 months ago
Dancing... dancy. Sorry XD
Tudal 5 months ago
"I always like working under men..."
Goltirr 5 months ago
You're changing the subject now. Why?
Faugul 5 months ago
Where's the evidence to support your position?
Sazragore 5 months ago
What you got .. you are scorpio right
Yoran 4 months ago
Just so silly I'm at a loss of words.
Sakora 4 months ago
Geez. You'd think the NFL would have learned.
Tocage 4 months ago
More boob pictures, please.
Momi 4 months ago
OK. Blocked then. Enough of your hysteria.

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