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454 07:107 months ago

The presumption here is that it was ordered by the Russian government, and was not the work of a rogue KGB agent(s).

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Maut 7 months ago
It is all lining up......
Tygogami 6 months ago
What if it means I'm hungry?
Mezizuru 6 months ago
That data smells fishy.
Zolonris 6 months ago
You may need an Afghan.
Sanos 6 months ago
Forget it.Just forget it.
Faelmaran 6 months ago
I would move, you are obviously unwelcomed in Portland.
Mura 6 months ago
You can't FP,don't worry I'll live
Mauktilar 5 months ago
God knowing your choices negates your freedom to choose.
Nishura 5 months ago
No South Australians are living proof Tasmanians can swim.
Shakaktilar 5 months ago
We finally learned to 'fight fair'.
Tauhn 5 months ago
Damn! Those blue pills really do work!
Kazrazahn 5 months ago
And yet it's not.
Mekora 4 months ago
Pretty good thank you for asking!
Masida 4 months ago
Only your faith is fact?
Yosar 4 months ago
You don't have 'spiritual eyes.
Mazubar 4 months ago
Nooooooooooooooo, I will be faithful to my man
Net 4 months ago
I'm looking for context for that phrase from Obama.
Shagul 4 months ago
Welcome to the community, remember to enjoy....
Moogujinn 4 months ago
Ding, Ding, Winner! Comment of the weekend!
Goltijinn 3 months ago
Aaaaand, another drive by.
Dur 3 months ago
Hot damn them gams !!!
Voodoojar 3 months ago
I don't feel better ...I feel sorry...for you....not....
Aram 3 months ago
There is always Cafe Press.
Shaktikree 2 months ago
Coming from you, that's rich.
Dojora 2 months ago
I was wondering if anyone was gonna say that
Zugal 2 months ago
I think he should either way.

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