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860 07:5510 months ago

Lol! Me??? Of course not...thought you were though! Lol! That?s why I was rushing through, missing half the things I wanted to say. :-) But I thought it was going to be both of us. When I tried to get a response from you all I got was, ?go on! ?

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Malarg 9 months ago
We all know it?s Christmas
Nejas 9 months ago
Grammar: Chianti, Fava beans, and Clarice.
Moogut 9 months ago
Well thankfully your thought police tactic is illegal.
Zulukazahn 9 months ago
The area where the women wear very tight underpants.
Vik 8 months ago
Abortion is discussed elsewhere. Stop your noise.
Faetaxe 8 months ago
I have many favorites...
Vijora 8 months ago
Shall I Google it?
Mazugrel 8 months ago
Perhaps simplifying for easier understanding but not intentionally sarcastic.
Shakaktilar 8 months ago
I wondered if someone would question that. xD
Faumuro 8 months ago
I looks Like this dool and also wear glasses
Milar 8 months ago
is diamond not a stone??
Gulkis 7 months ago
You have few ideas about anything.
Fauzil 7 months ago
You go Tiger !
Minris 7 months ago
Yet you are the child here.
Dolar 7 months ago
Oh, yeah. I HAVE heard of some of them!
Doukora 6 months ago
then they'd need to be properly licensed.
Vudogul 6 months ago
great catch STFB! Thanks!

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