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461 07:547 months ago

I know that already...Geesh! But this is supposed to be a cowBOY thread!

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Voodoole 7 months ago
Lets review shall we?
Kazrasida 7 months ago
lol lovely ....looks funky
Tygomuro 7 months ago
Layoffs? Bail-outs? Oh right, MAGA.
Kilrajas 6 months ago
Moira the maid, from American Horror Story
Vudolrajas 6 months ago
It's there action? You mean "It's their actions?" Obtuse...
Vilmaran 6 months ago
Thanks RMFM. I need to ponder and digest. Regards
Tulkis 6 months ago
Oh, a bias against the religious. Ok. Neat.
Malajind 6 months ago
You are on a very differnt plane.
Dait 5 months ago
Lol, that?s funny :-)
Kekree 5 months ago
Are you tossing me a straw man?
Arashik 5 months ago
Of course not. Nature designed Nature, h0lygh0st.
Vucage 5 months ago
Who gives and who receives the head bonk?
Grojora 5 months ago
How about this these
Kazira 5 months ago
yes but I?d rather people hear me

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