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93 17:5110 months ago

Good. I'm always glad to be wrong reading emotions on a written correspondence incorrectly in that regard.

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Kajikazahn 10 months ago
1.2 billion down the cbc hole is too much
Tojatilar 10 months ago
One would hope not.
Akinojinn 10 months ago
And soundtrack to that is...
Dodal 10 months ago
This quote induces properties into a possible deity.
Samucage 10 months ago
Ohh didn't think anyone would get the reference.
Durr 10 months ago
Mix of all subject competitive exams..????
Barn 9 months ago
Flooding the entire world on purpose isn't murder?
Doushicage 9 months ago
All living creatures? Like dolphins?
Kazishura 9 months ago
Some are already dead, although still breathing.
Samugore 9 months ago
so you were there, that was you...wasn't it?
Galmaran 9 months ago
Which means religion is a crutch to the needy.
Vudocage 8 months ago
Suspects don?t get to chose what questions prosecutors ask.
Akinogal 8 months ago
Earthly benefits of religious community
Arajinn 8 months ago
Your opinion has been noted.
Fetaxe 8 months ago
I said it truthfully, no need to restate it.
Nanris 8 months ago
What if it is butter?
Mogrel 8 months ago
Caipirinahs. ?? Long Island Ice tea
Gardatilar 7 months ago
OK. Now go back and re-read the Dostoievsky quote.
Tarisar 7 months ago
Yes, his bigotry was shamful. I agree
Arashirisar 7 months ago
But that's an old addage from
Faebei 7 months ago
What was the best thing BEFORE sliced bread???

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