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955 19:559 months ago

And when it is all REAL history, guess who will re-write it in the school book edition? The freakin' lefties in the Education Dept.

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Salmaran 9 months ago
He is trying to disqualify people seeking legal immigration.
Meztikazahn 9 months ago
Go and write your own.
Mucage 9 months ago
Quite a sleepy town.
Kilabar 8 months ago
A very nice looking family there.
Tegal 8 months ago
Response to your attack bothers you?
Zulkisho 8 months ago
Hey JB bit unwell headache :(
Yozahn 8 months ago
Epic fail. Try again.
Akiramar 8 months ago
Is a standard sub roll around 7-8 inches long?
Grobei 8 months ago
The ERROR is on YOUR end not God's.
Mojar 7 months ago
None of these is a Christian country.
Groshakar 7 months ago
Ok. Can you tell us more about "Bella"?
Arashilar 7 months ago
I'm oblivious to your intent, yes.
Keramar 7 months ago
but that might just work!!!!!
Shanos 6 months ago
Can't do that with central air. What to do?
Mikanos 6 months ago
What the what? That literally made my brain hurt.
Kerg 6 months ago
How are those the only two options?
Akinole 6 months ago
That is western thinking.
Viramar 5 months ago
No. Of course the key word is EX.
Dam 5 months ago
Never said I was a Christian.
Arashinos 5 months ago
Because it's all Fantasy?
Branris 5 months ago
Yep. But He upgraded Himself in the NT?
Vozshura 5 months ago
the word choice is humorous.
Shaktibar 5 months ago
And married a child, Genius!
Vutaur 5 months ago
Quite a sleepy town.

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