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454 29:1911 months ago

I know, I?m such an ass. I say, ?poor Pete? too. Hahaha

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Zulkinris 11 months ago
Ill google it! ??
Meztishicage 11 months ago
Lies should have consequence, not free!
Moogulkree 10 months ago
"like you claimed in your earlier response."
Duzshura 10 months ago
Is this like bad work sex or
Mazuramar 10 months ago
Who are they intolerant of?
Tygogor 10 months ago
my reaction to last nights safety car...
Votilar 10 months ago
I am seeking God.
Nigrel 10 months ago
Huh? Surely you jest. [snarls lip]
Mukora 10 months ago
have submarines evolved to have better camouflage?
Zulkigore 9 months ago
A mystical, and wrong, interpretation of quantum mechanics.
Moogusho 9 months ago
That's great.. I never met Swedish girl before
Nektilar 9 months ago
Yep.. ???? it did.
Kigara 9 months ago
sorry, lol, I could be
Kazitilar 9 months ago
Is it my god?
Mazuzshura 8 months ago
I feel like a Bond girl! "-) Thank you!
Duhn 8 months ago
Why do they call him HIM, FATHER, and HE?

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