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This is totally insane. How can ANYONE be in favour of government censorship of the media?

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Nikozuru 6 months ago
it really is freighting, what some people go through.
Kagalmaran 6 months ago
Dogs aren't racist and neither are whistles...
Shabei 6 months ago
It just starts with a simple smile and hello.
Kazrabei 6 months ago
I choose neither! :P
Akinorr 6 months ago
So till that no usages of net n ol'?????
Virg 6 months ago
best part of Waking up
Tauzil 5 months ago
I rely upon what can be proven.
Dainris 5 months ago
Ill try lighters this time.
Tojagami 5 months ago
Yes I am sure.
Nikozuru 5 months ago
This from the dork nicknamed tomdope.
Mabei 5 months ago
You mean, his transphobia is very sobering.
Moogugore 4 months ago
All absolute truths are tautologous.
Shaktiran 4 months ago
Is the ruling family priests/spokes people of Allah?
Doshakar 4 months ago
Non-responsive-and the reason is obvious.
Kazrazragore 4 months ago
It does look like milk.
Akinozragore 4 months ago
I think you're right.
Keran 4 months ago
Ford's just playing to his know who.
Yozil 4 months ago
Don't forget mental illness
Tule 3 months ago
We did great until we played against OJ Simpson.
Mibar 3 months ago
Not exacly. There are avataras in the Vedic tradition.
Kazishicage 3 months ago
How do you now He hasn't?
Tygocage 3 months ago
Where would one find Unicorn horn zest?
Dikus 2 months ago
Obama didn't need any approval.
Shakagore 2 months ago
Carry on on your deluded way!
Goltiran 2 months ago
Get a clue, man. You're embarrassing yourself.
Megul 2 months ago
Why do you seek truth?
Vudozragore 2 months ago
Because it doesn't support the talking points?
Bakree 1 month ago
This cartoon makes little sense.

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