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919 07:166 months ago

You are denying that most Muslims have the same interpretation of most concepts of Islamic doctrine, despite the facts.

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Akinole 6 months ago
the Divine Comedy is kosher
JoJorg 6 months ago
The neurons have stopped firing?
Zulkijar 6 months ago
So I'm a "troll" and you're a hacker.
Shamuro 6 months ago
Yes, I have. But only by accident.
Zulkigami 5 months ago
What about paying foreign spys with campaign money?
Mazukazahn 5 months ago
Meet me at the tavern, high noon that is...
Torg 5 months ago
Do you know why he said that?
Tujar 5 months ago
Science that has no application is, by definition, masturbatory.
Tygogar 4 months ago
You?re uh. New to this discussion aren?t ya? ??
Nikocage 4 months ago
I hpoe this brightens Lauren Southerns day :)
Dutilar 4 months ago
What would that be?
Vuzil 4 months ago
What evidence is that?
Bashura 4 months ago
Chair? Something to eat? Tunes? Dance?
Dogore 4 months ago
OK, it was rhetorical, got you.
Faell 4 months ago
We may well be but I doubt it.
Shashakar 3 months ago
OK, it?s a bare bones OP begging for information.
Kinris 3 months ago
He should be executed.
Grojora 3 months ago
I lost my way again
Mazugor 3 months ago
There is more out there
Goltizahn 3 months ago
Care to name one?
Dirg 3 months ago
Who is discussing Christianity?
Faezragore 2 months ago
Yes, because that's not at all unrealistic.
Zulkit 2 months ago
Our leading Theologians are brilliant men and women.
Modal 2 months ago
I hope you find justice, I wish you well
Meran 2 months ago
Haha, they should. You'll never get the island. :D

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