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Actually communalism, which was called communism until the 1950s is quite old and often successful. New Harmony, now a state park in Indiana, was carved out of the wilderness starting in 1809 by s German group that held everything in common. 10years later the entire community was sold to a British Philanthropist for over a million dollars (approximately a billion now) and they moved on to start again in an isolated area where there wouldn?t be the temptations.

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Nazragore 10 months ago
He said exactly that.
Malalrajas 10 months ago
It takes the recipient to believe.thats my point.
Zulut 9 months ago
Matt Hardy uses that line
Kisho 9 months ago
Did Russia turn off the tap...?
Brak 9 months ago
It's diminutive for "Michael" you illiterate dumbass.
Tule 9 months ago
You can remember that age?
Nejinn 9 months ago
Not too motivated to do much ??????
Talar 9 months ago
And what facts dictate there is no God, bob?
Moogukinos 8 months ago
Way to be positive
Bar 8 months ago
This clown has discredited himself a while back.
Migal 8 months ago
Good girl, that?s how you heel
Meztijar 8 months ago
Just in time you mean.
JoJozuru 8 months ago
Haha do you have some good ones?
Nizuru 8 months ago
Such noble beings those Democrats.
JoJor 7 months ago
The question isn't really meaningful.
Faebei 7 months ago
The best of me"

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